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Our Story

Working to Redefine the TTRPG Community Space

Litlcord began as a simple chill, gaming server on Discord, but then the world's greatest roleplaying game lit up the community we know and love today. After witnessing multiple communities, we strived to turn Litlcord into a TTRPG/D&D community unlike any other. We pride ourselves in our free-to-play only games, with streamlined, organized processes and layouts. Most importantly, Litlcord has a flourishing, diverse, inclusive, and positive community that is open to any and all wanting to learn about the magic of tabletop gaming, especially D&D. 

Litlcord continues to grow to this day with many upcoming projects that will hopefully come to fruition with time. 

Litlcord is a highly recommended community, and it intends to stay that way with friendly staff, wonderful Dungeon Masters, and fun players that keep every game interesting.

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