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Suspect Everything.
Mimics Hiding Around Every Corner.

Mimicnomicon is an anthology of 5e supplements where you can find unique mimics that will populate a host of settings, medieval to the modern and beyond. Each packet focuses on one location where all the mimics in its pages might be found. However, that doesn't mean you have to use those mimics only in the packet location - in fact, each one will have a list of other places they might be found included in their entry! Each entry has a 5e-compatible stat block with unique monster mechanics, two descriptions (for concealed and revealed), and several GM aids to help you seamlessly incorporate our mimics in your game. Consult the table of contents at the start of each packet to help you find the mimic that’s right for you!

Happy hunting, delicious friends.

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What's on the Menu?

Since Mimicnomicon is an anthology, we'd like to share the spread with you ahead of time so you can design your perfect dining experience. We have multiple options available for support, to sate appetites of all sizes.


Playtest packets are free. These collections are largely unrefined and won't include art or designwork. These are small portions of upcoming packet releases. We ask that anyone who tries a packet offers feedback, to help us refine and balance the mimics before we release the final version in the full packet.


Full packets will be available for $9.99. This includes the initial supersized packet (since we're hoping to entice you with an extra portion at the start)! If you're looking forward to a specific location packet, then you can purchase that packet by itself and enjoy the flavor of mimic you like most, unmarred by other tastes.


Sometimes a specific mimic catches your eye: you don't care about anything else on offer, you're just after that one, perfect morsel. For $1.99 you can buy any single mimic page from the packet, so you can sate your singular craving.

Ten-Course Meal

For those who really want to sink their teeth into this project, $24.99 will get you all previous/current packets, along with any location packets we have yet to release. You get your money's worth just three packets in, and can look forward to ten packets worth of mimic delicacies. This tier supports us as creators while saving you money. Not to mention, it's an early-bird discount price you might never see again.

Dinner Entertainment

Our team has so many ideas for unique adventures that use our mimics. Since they're separate from the stat blocks, we plan to price them separately, stay tuned for more!


Note: Dinner Entertainment is not included in the Ten Course Meal, but may be part of the final anthology!

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