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The World of Izaryon is a work-in-progress setting by Litlcord that has high-fantasy and deep magic that runs throughout every inch of the world. 

Imagine a world where each region is separated by its magical weather conditions, never-ending, decided from the original deities that stepped on the land. Each claiming their own part of the land and fighting for more, it surged something deep within the land. Legend says it's something monstrous living deep within the land that gives the land its magic.

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The Nine Regions

Each of the nine regions are unique in their magic types, creature types, and weather. Learn a bit more here.

Winter Snow


Caritia is an extremely cold climate, and the people and their jobs are just as cold. Watch out for Lumoah and her network of dirty-doers.

Image by Felix Mittermeier


Zapetia is host to a raging storm that fuels the anger and power of those attending the Sterz Monastery & Fighting Grounds.

Image by Adam Edgerton


Tomirine is a windy area prone to tornadoes that feed directly from and to Zapetia. If you can make it past the strong winds you might learn about your fate or enjoy the Crystal Caverns of Iznik.

Wild Mushrooms


Forea is a cloudy, but beautiful forest area; known for being home to Buclifton's Illusion Magic Academy and Yeref's Boat Port and Training.

Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk


Telera is an extremely hot desert, with a few islands off to the South, barely livable. If not deadly for the heat, the terrifying monsters and cults here will do the trick.

Image by Celso Oliveira


Moondom is a region separated by the two different faiths and followers of the twin sister deities of the Dark and Light sides of the moon. Caution to which side of the region you're in.

Image by Nils Leonhardt


Tyboo is a swampy, rainy climate home to many things ranging from the College of Torrential Magic, the beautiful Garden of Gallia, and more.

Image by Abigail Ducote


Barro, the most normal part of Izaryon, is home to the large, affluent towns that promote trade and business. Felton is home to a high court with nice pleasantries. 

Image by Jordan Andrews


Esken is a beautiful, cold region host to the biggest ice fishing colony, the world's largest library, large fairgrounds, and even home to the legendary flurry dragon. 

World Map of Izaryon

World Map

Free PDFs

Free PDFs

Corgins of Izaryon

Explore the world of Corgins in this first look into all the different stat blocks along with some lore in a small PDF. Compatible with 5e. Corgins are half-dragon half-corgi creatures that are both cute but deadly! This PDF also includes some of the adorable art that has been made of Tori the Corgin. 

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