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2nd Year Anniversary for Litlcord!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Today, March 21, 2023 marks the second year since Litlcord's conception on Discord! To celebrate, we have decided to instead have an entire WEEK of celebrations! This includes contest, events, giveaways, and more! We vouched to do a week, since we have so much love for one another in this community and couldn't possibly contain it within a single day! Throughout the week we will be posting up new pages and posts from the many fun things going on in the server!


Below is the overarching schedule, with some aspects kept a surprise!

March 21

To kick off the first day, we started the day with a Happy 2nd Year Anniversary ping along with the QOTD (Question of the Day) asking our community what their favorite thing about the server/community is! Here's some of their responses!

  • "All the wonderful friends I've made through this community. Without this server I never would've met ... and the other friends they introduced me to"

  • "The people here are cool."

  • "The friends I've made! This server has let me make so many new friends that I would have never known about if I hadn't joined, so I'm very glad I did."

  • "My friends and the opportunity to DM. Also my cult following."

  • "Trick question, everything :>"

  • "the people"

  • "everything. I'm chronically on this server"

  • "I like this server because I can be myself and just chatter about ttrpg (and life) related things even if I'm not playing because everyone is just chill and happy :)"

We later announced and made some of the 2nd Anniversary Channels/Category public for our first two fun events! A one word story that started with the prompt of "Today is the day that I..." It has already divulged into chaos of awakening an Eldritch Abomination that committed a mass genocide of 100,000 people, but this recently awoken God had terrible Glaucoma and went to the optometrist is now asking about why an egg isn't humongous to them, and so they now are ascending. The full story in all its glory will be put together into a post once the week is finished!

We also started the Art Contest where members, that aren't official server artists, can randomly roll for a character concept and create art of their new, random character! The winners will be selected at the end of the week, and server artists will be selecting whose design they want to recreate in a free commission. So far we have seen many interesting characters being rolled, and we all eagerly await to see the final submissions.

March 22

Going into day two of our week of celebrations we started it off with a reminder to check out and sign-up for our Jackbox event and the QOTD. The QOTD was "How have you grown as a player or GM since joining Litlcord?" Here's some of their responses!

  • "As a GM I was finally able to successfully battle my DM Imposter Syndrome and develop my DM Style of what I call Lawful Chaotic. As a player I was able to finally find people who actually took my RPG horror story seriously and worked with me to become comfortable as a player again. Extra special thanks to [Shin Shin] for being super patient with me and my panic attacks."

  • "as a dm I’ve gotten to grow just purely based on the amount of experience I’ve had running games. I’ve grown from the feedback after my one shots to the point where I’m confident enough to run a campaign which I don’t think I would have had the courage to do if I hadn’t had all of the experience and feedback. As a player, i Guess I’ve just expanded the archetypes of characters I play which is cool."

  • "As a GM I've been better at creating compelling NPC's and enticing plot hooks. I look back and think 'damn why didn't I have them be like this'"

  • "as a player I've been able to get better at actually interacting with others players and not faltering like a dieing fish in to sessions"

  • "My role-playing is steadily increasing. So is putting thought into interactions."

We later on then announced that we are hosting an 'event' where you can create fanart of Tori the Corgin, our mascot, and then all those submissions will be credited along with any socials they wanted onto the website here post-week!

We had a successful Jackbox event with lots of laughs and cringe moments.

March 23

Going into day three of our week of celebrations we asked a Throwback Thursday question: "What was your first ever TTRPG character like? How cringe was it?" Here's some of their responses!

  • "edgelord rouge, which i think says it all"

  • "Hexblade Warlock, more edge baby"

  • "Ash. Impulsive elf. She was.... okay"

  • "Medusa Moon Druid, somewhat cringy but I have developed her further and she is my sweet, sadistic child."

  • "oh god, her name was Pira, she was an Aasmir Paladin who was super boring and had no character until I decided to make her motive change later on. She ended up trying to manipulate the party to use as scapegoats so she could kill her parents, blame it on the party and then take the throne. she was mega evil. she ended up being kinda lame compared to my newer characters tho"

  • "Daphne Dolvys, and Artificer alchemist gnome who was asexual for everything except knowledge itself. I miss her so much. She would create mayo from her alchemy jug and so the party never went hungry."

  • "it was a half edgy Rogue with spells Made sneak attacks with Eldritch Blast. Neither me nor the DM knew it shouldn't have worked, kekw Got Eblast through a feat"

  • "oh god here we go, I have three words stereotypical high elf"

  • "My first ever character in a TTRPG was actually here in litcord. I've only been a DM before that. Octave, a 1 armed pokemon trainer who lives to be a great trainer but isn't afraid to remind people of the dangers of pokemon."

  • "First character was a monk.... a character like jacky chan from rush"

So many fun characters and memories of first trying your hand at TTRPGs! We also celebrated day three with a D&D Trivia event.

March 24

Going into day four of our week of celebrations we started off with one of our admins greeting any fellow Muslim brothers and sisters for Ramadan Mubarak, and that whether they are fasting or not, may they take this month to count their blessings. We then had our QOTD asking our members "How did you find out about Litlcord?" Here's some of their responses!

  • "I was looking for a new campaign to join on r/lfg when GreyGoose, a staff member who is no longer on the server, invited me to the server. I've been here almost 2 years and I love it"

  • "i genuinely think i just googled dnd servers nd this is the one i stuck with"

  • "I blame [Shin Shin] for me being here"

  • "[Skip!] was talking about it in another server, I was like: Holy crap I wanna join, and now I'm here"

  • "I was chilling in the Kobold Press server and I just got curious and looked at [angiroo] 's profile :D"

  • "was invited by homie danny he's no-longer in the server"

  • "Googled dnd discord servers"

  • "Just found this online, I'm happy I did"

  • "Browsing tabletop discord servers. This one looked the most organized and active, so here I am."

  • "just found it looking for a place I could play dnd more"

  • "i exist in litlcord by default"

  • "i was here before the lore was written" (cue gif from Narnia deep magic scene)

  • "r/lfg 2 years ago"

  • "Dishboard a few days ago, under the TTRPG tag"

  • "[Truth] bragged about how cool this server is and I just had to join"

  • "I saw the invite in the profile of [Angiroo] from her messages in the official server of Kobold Press and decided to join."

  • "I was summoned on a cold winter day, on which I was given many a dnd book for the chrismmas from friends. But I never had anyone to play with, so on to discord I went searching! I traveled high hills, deep oceans and open skies. I went to many of servers, tirelessly searching for the one. And then. I found it. Here, was what I had searched for."

  • "I was recruited from reddit (r/lfg I believe) with a dm that offered the server after i applied to pretty much every avilable game"

  • "Honestly, I just looked up "dnd discord server" on google and scrolled until I found one that looked interesting."

  • "Shoutout to [Dr. Aven] for telling me about this place!"

It's so exciting to see the different routes that our members found us, and it just shows that we are different and stand out! We then later had an Among Us event.

March 25

Going into day five of our week of celebrations we immediately asked another QOTD to see what wonderful responses everyone had! "What's your favorite memory from here at Litlcord?" Here's some of their responses!

  • "The Damien Incident"

  • In reply to Damien Incident "this was going to be my answer"

  • "It has to be starting my first campaign here, If I could relive that memory properly I think I would"

  • "Playing my very first game."

  • "Probably when Beere turned into Jica. The emotions were so high. Shoutout [Kamae1031]"

  • "Probably in [Raptor]‘s campaign when the cards incident happened. That was the funniest thing ever"

  • "my favorite memory is meeting my bes frens [1010][Mean Bean Machine] here"

  • "I haven't been here for too long, or played a lot, but just the single one shot by [Matt_theman] was THE experience ever!! Never forget arcane calculus clipboard lol :D :D"

  • "i like remembering all the past campaigns and players. alot of the stuff id choose from is the friendly Goofing that takes up 40% of sessions. It might be Doodling our Buff PCs on the Boartusk map. Or maybe just full on watching youtube with peeps one time instead of playing. or those moments when i play with someone ive played with alot and gone :D wow we are basically buddies. too indecisive to pick one"

So many little inside jokes, incidents, and things to laugh and smile about in Litlcord. That's what we create, not just some place to go grab a game and be done with the community... no, you create a family and friendship circle with the community that supports you and provides a higher experience! Later that day we enjoyed watching Bullet Train together, and then we announced a schedule change to our events. We removed the MC: Hunger Games events due to lack of available players, and so we changed it to an Improve Your Improv: Workshop event!

March 26

Going into day six of our week of celebrations we wanted to hear post-last QOTD what everyone's "favorite thing about how we run games here" is! It seems that we really make a unique, enjoyable experience, so we wanted to see what everyone thought! Overall everyone mentioned that they love how easy it is to get a group, as IRL is way more of a process.

Later in the day we popped up with a new event, a story writing event. We gave ten different concept art designs as inspiration and let people choose whichever design inspired them the most and write a story using that! There were so many fantastic submissions, and we are still getting many. We have kept submissions available through the end of the month to give more people a chance to show out their talents and get those creative juices flowing!

The Improv event was extremely fun, and all the participants said that it wasn't what they expected in a good way. It seems that Litlcord will need to host more fun workshops like that!

March 27

Ahhh, the last day of our week of celebrations! This day was HUGE with so many things going on, so much excitement, and more! We of course started off with another QOTD asking "What type of giveaways are you hoping to see today?" We used these responses to steer what type of giveaways we actually ended up posting up throughout the day! We also gave a reminder that it was the last day to submit for most of the events and contests going on.

Our first giveaway was a huge one! A surprise bundle of KP Adventures from Kobold Press. Our second giveaway was for 50% off a character or a free weapon design from server artist [Marzly Art]. Our third giveaway was for 20% off on a character commission (up to $10) from server artist [angiroo]. Our fourth giveaway was for a $25 Steam Gift Card. Our fifth giveaway was for the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook PDF. Our sixth and final public giveaway was for the MOTW PDF.

We also made a couple large announcements on the last day. We added Server Subscriptions to Litlcord so those able to can help support the community and efforts we make. All money from subscriptions just go back into the server for things like Premium Discord Bots, the Website, Giveaways, and more. The hope is that it will help support being able to eventually do larger giveaways, helping give back to the community to those who cannot afford to get books or resources, and also giving our wonderful staff and GMs a little something! We also announced the Corgins of Izaryon PDF is on its way after many members voted that they wanted to have the Tori the Corgin and her corgins' stat blocks and lore. (This is now available for free download here.)


Overall, we had a wonderful week, and there have been many exciting comments and messages in the server or to the staff, hosts, and owner for the work we put into the week. Here's some of those delightful replies!

  • "best event was the one word story just because of the pure unadulterated chaos of it"

  • "I liked the story-writing contest the most, I've finally written something in months :)"

  • "I am so impressed by all the talent we have here, our artists and story writers are very impressive and I'm super happy that they are all apart of this community."

  • "this is the first time ive done any creative writing since middle school though, so i had a lot of fun with writing something new :))"

  • "You've been doing an excellent job lately as owner so bravo. Drumming up a lot of excitement. Not to say you're not always excellent but these moments of unnecessary effort are always nice :] Appreciate you ^_^"

If you want to enjoy the shenanigans, be part of a community that cares, make friends for life, and join games finally, come join us!

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