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Game Master Styles

When it comes to being a Game Master(GM), there are many styles that one can become, however not everyone knows how to describe their style. Being able to describe your style to players is important. Why? So that you can find the correct players that will fit with your style and leave everyone happy. It is also important to understand your style; it gives you insight into what you're good at, and maybe not so great at. As Game Masters, we can all improve and do our part to help the TTRPG community thrive from good, reputable games.

I have compiled a list of Game Master styles below that I believe cover every aspect of nearly every Game Master, with endless mix and match combinations being possible. I am hoping that providing this content will mean happier players and Game Masters all around.

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Use the carrots to the left of the titles to see the dropdown and learn more about each style!

The Adherent

The Warlord

The Narrator

The NPC Hoarder

The Creator

The Free-Spirit

The Improviser

The Chaos Gremlin

The Immerser

The Homebrewer


Just remember, every GM is unique, as we are all individuals with unique identities. No one can be entirely boxed in by style labels, but it's still good to have an idea of where you land to avoid Crit Crab moments, just purely due to interest conflicts between players and yourself.

What's your GM style mix based on this list? Share down below.

Think this could be useful for your own party or community? Make sure to share with them and help get everyone on the same page! And if you're not confrontational but have some concerns about how your GM is running the game, you can always share to make them *subtly* aware of their own risks and negative traits.


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