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One Word Story - Absolute Chaos

If you want to read a story created by 30-50 people one word at a time, then please enjoy this piece below. No changes have been made aside from grammar, capitalization, and finishing off the final sentence. This story event was completed during our week of celebrations for our 2nd Anniversary here in Litlcord's Discord Server. Please enjoy this... masterpiece? They were given a starting prompt, which will be in bold, and from there it went for an entire week.

The Eldritch Abomination... a One Word Story

Today is the day that I awoke one Eldritch Abomination whose life and history was a mystery. They called out from the foggy depths, but they only had two mouths. So it was screeching and no body could hear it - truly a tragedy. But after the mass genocide, more than 100,000 people perished, but the spaghetti was thriving in the grave of the recently awoken God whose Glaucoma was terrible. So, they called their optometrist and their mom to the playground of death. New? Asked why this egg isn't humongous to me. "Because, now I ascend to further power through blood magic and friendship, love." But, there was no cake in forever by-the-sea. There was love between friends and bitter rivals, kinda, which shook the very scared cat who decided that the slaughter of seventy-two thousand humans was an unspeakable disaster. However, then it started the uprising against dogs with rabies passionately. Curing the pestilence was everywhere - people ate cake! The cat was plotting murder of that child who lived in that third-world planet in order of least to greatest organs, infected me. In gravity the dread grew beyond anything mortal minds could fathom and citizens fled to the McDonald's for nuggies!

But some cardboard cutouts appeared wielding a minigun and proceeded to destroy everything, but the Hero stopped them from the nuggies - which were the source of great protein powders. Although the powder was actually cocaine, it was bodacious dude, crazy. But withdrawals caused banks to kill the thousands of moths in the circus of Hell, but the demons borrowed glocks from Mom and Mom. And the sandal with the socks of destiny which had the bomb which could blowup the town of Townsville, where people live in holes and painful things happen all the time. They can't eat burgers or Americans will explode their holes with the fur with nine C4s from Mars which killed many chickens infested with parasitic wyrms. Panic set amongst us while the Wyrms feasted upon carcasses. Yummy. Delicious. When the evil Wyrms ate helpless humans and dogs, but then there a dragon who decided to squish Raptor and Cat. They travelled for 8 weeks until they died, and the Grim-Reaper guided them to the mall in hell, where it rains from every surface and direction. It's very warm yet somehow dry. So weird, people exploded into nothing and confetti while the other normal demons sold crack to chickens, but this was only part one of the Great Plan.

Since 1987, eggs were already exploded by goats. What happened to Kmart? But Kale had plans involving Biden pardoning Trump had gone wild and gave Obama five bucks for tax evasions. That's Presidents are odd, so they teleported to Narnia, and when they all fell into a magical forest where flowering mushrooms sing song, the trees bowed inward and looked at the newcomers. Biden jumped with extreme bodaciousness upon the soft, feathery wings of one humongous phoenix. After he landed, the phoenix opened its beak/mouth and mocked Biden, because he did not realize that his panda had gotten devoured by a lizard person who had a predecessor named Squabble - who broke their bums and legs, which didn't stop Squabbles from breaking out weapons, breakdancing aggressively. Suddenly whales from space bursted from the blackhole. Bellowing from surprise, the Eldritch Abomination summoned a God called Carl the Unimaginably Handsome Llama.

Carl had nine legs, and twenty ears, and 81 eyes from the tip of his ears to the back of his curly tail. Carl turned to the abomination and roared in the softest yet intimidating voice ever recorded in the history of the School of the Deaf Llamas. Carl's voice echoes now throughout. His mind expanded into nothingness. Now you're something. Now it's everything, and now time has slowed to become nothingness and eat through cheese wedges. Your mom is dancing to Lady Marmalade because the music was awesomesauce. When she exploded due to quenchable, boneless pizza hunger. Hunger grows, cheese grows, milk spoils. In floor boards, but then Joe, who? Joe Mama was known as a great cook who cooked tiny cookies, who would dance on top of the grave of Angiroo and Lerm. And and all, Carl was doing bread in the basement oven, but the spooky bread oven exploded once it reached peak temperature.

"Avast! Ye maties! Tis I, the Mighty Zote!"






He died and Zote also died from ligma. "What's ligma?"

"You bastard!" cried my dog Sprinkles. Meanwhile in Charlie's bathroom, the explosion remains - toilet pissed death everywhere! Charlie died again, lol, but then he died revived repeatedly, and cheese began spreading around the town engulfing everyone except me. Not surprised, God didn't like you. What did you eat today? "Bread, but the drywall bread was delectable," mom said before perishing. "Drywall, how sweet," the cake that died said. Bazonga eventually unsheathing its cards, "What in tarnation!" exploded into thousands of tiny cowboys, who exploded into tiny dogs barking very angrily.

Then they slaughtered every other cat and/or caterpillar who hates him. The Bitch Chad Hamburger wanted to leave prison, but Midgard fell to Sutýr, and all of Asgard, slaughtering children souls. But then, Thor came, and the children exploded into Juan. Juan, Juan was Juan peace and they got many leeks which Juan Juaned. "How did it go?" It responded. "But whom would want pizza?" Well, that's not quirky at all, but I desperately want to kill instead of hug.

Mother, I kneel before thee asking if I can slaughter my anxiety, which is absolutely just awful - because anxiety filled out my divorce backpack, because life was hard and the pepperoni pizza wasn't boneless enough, unlike me and my Juan Juaning to Macarena on the toaster bath house. Watermelons, however, none were ripe enough to overthrow the kings. Beneath, peasants burn alive, and the camper has exploded into Beholders on top of the aforementioned watermelons. Suddenly, Joseph jumped in the pool of drool which dissolved fiendishly and revealed hidden snakes! Hundreds of snakes who ate golden eggs, and the eggs hatched into beautiful swans who looked into buying cryptocurrency and enchanted NFTs and eggs. But there he lays dying.

Now she appears dead to me. Walks and cries, "SCP-458, what did you do?" "I killed Obama, but not his wife, so its not that great anywho." And now when they killed Gulpin, everyone went "hurray" and became furrys. Why are furrys here? Kill non-believers sisters who don't like crocodiles dying in Jello. "Again?!" Because burning lampposts spoke eloquently, Genocide of Cheez-its is ever good, because Nokias weren't destructible - but Pizza was. Where's Waldo? He killed all the dragons of drywall, except one... Bobert Higgins.

She was gorgeous and sad because life has caused suffering. And lightly, viruses touched their rats, but griffins eaten when Jared dies from ligma, but charcoal is burned by Pokémon, such as ass. Here around the Augumon's butthole, it burns! Help! Dying words echoed throughout the world eventually reaching me, and Joe Mama's tombstone became limp, but not soft because laxatives are blood enhancers not depressors. But, they decided when they made cake, that exploded it in the bathroom mirror five times and six [were] destroyed.

As you can see, absolute chaos has erupted from the one word story. There were motifs and themes throughout, but in the end, there was always more death.
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